THE BED SITTING ROOM - Souvenir Brochure

Souvenir brochure

£ 5 including P&P


As part of our 15th anniversary celebrations at our Spike Milligan Gala Night on Sunday 3rd July at the Riverhead Theatre, we'll be issuing the audience with this glossy souvenir brochure.

The 16-page programme features:

  • A new mini-essay on Spike Milligan by British Comedy Historian Graham McCann
  • Original caricature¬†artwork commission of Spike by illustrator Laura Bacon
  • 'Hambledon Productions and The Quest for The Bed Sitting Room' essay by John Hewer
  • 'The Works of Spike Milligan' timeline
  • 'Hambledon Productions: The First 15 Years' timeline
  • Cast and Crew biographies for Hambledon 15

If you're unable to attend the event, but would still be interested in supporting Hambledon, then you can purchase a signed copy of this souvenir brochure on our site here. Price includes P&P.

Please note: Souvenir brochure will not be sent out until the week after the event.