Shakespeare in Debt

Past Productions

A Comedy of Errors by Ted Stanley | Directed by John Hewer

SIDIt’s 1595. The Globe Theatre’s figures are falling as the players churn out the same old stuff, and Will and his motley crew of thespians are up to their eyes in debt. Now the Monarchy is breathing down his neck, and the clock is ticking. Will the show go on? Or is it all much ado about nothing?

The winning script from last years’ successful Scratch Night held at the Riverhead Theatre, ‘Shakespeare in Debt’ was a controversial, hilarious interpretation of Shakespearian history and his work. A slick farce packed with outrageous characters and delightful punning.

Thursday 30th April – Saturday 2nd May 2015

Cast: James Brown, Sophie Claypole, Jonathan Cooke, Ann Halman-Phoenix, Chris Leeworthy, Amber Liles, Jack Lovett and Scott Lovett


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