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The Egg-Cellent Family Pantomime
Written and Directed by John Hewer
Sponsored by N. T. Shaw of Louth

Poor Mother Goose, about to be thrown off her land because she cannot pay the wicked Squire Squeezem the rent. Along comes Priscilla the Goose who lays golden eggs and Mother Goose is suddenly rich beyond her wildest dreams.


Wednesday 27th - Sunday 31st January, 7pm
Matinee performances on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st


Seats will be socially distanced. Please wear a face covering when inside the building.

**The 11am performance of Mother Goose on Sunday 31st January will be a Laid-Back and fully Signed performance. This won't affect any of the action on the stage, it will just mean that there will be a sign language interpreter at the side of the stage so that any deaf audience members will understand the performance as well, and the audience lighting may be slightly brighter than usual so the interpreter can be seen.

The performance will take a more casual approach to noise and movement in the auditorium, but the performance itself is unchanged. This performance is ideal for people who feel more at ease knowing they can go in and out of the auditorium during the show such as people with dementia, autism, ADHD etc, or families with very young children and babes in arms.