"Welcome to Our School Play" by Emily Clegg
Directed by John Hewer

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Auditions will be held at the Riverhead Theatre in Louth, Lincolnshire on Monday 18th March (7.30pm)
Auditions pieces can be found via the links below. Auditionees are not expected to have the learnt the extracts.



ROBERTA (BOBBIE) WILSON (40+, Optimistic, Ambitious, A micromanager)
The new headteacher who has been recruited in to turn the school around. She is determined to do whatever it takes to turn the school around, and to erase the stain left by the previous headteacher. 

TIM (30-40, Disillusioned, Grumpy, Savvy) For Tim, term-time is just something that happens to get between him and his holidays. He has been in the game for a long time, has seen it all, and is incredibly disillusioned as a result.

ALISON (30-40, Lazy, Dry sense of humour, Selfish)Though not quite as disillusioned as Tim, Alison has been phoning it in for a while now. She’ll do just about anything to avoid responsibilities and is happiest when sat with a cup of coffee (or vodka) and a trashy mag.

AMBER (20-25, Idealistic, Confident, Perfectionist)A classic over-achiever, Amber has been successful at everything she’s done. She has a bright and bubbly personality that grates on her more cynical co-workers. Has a tendency to meltdown when things go wrong.


THE CHILDREN & THE PARENTS (please note, actors playing ‘parents’ will also be playing ‘children’)

HARMONY             (7-8, Bright, Bubbly, Over-enthusiastic)Always keen and always excited, Harmony is determined to be centre stage. Despite her overbearing mother, Harmony is incredibly sweet and bubbly.

PAMELA (Harmony’s mum)  (35-45, Control freak, Two-faced, Bitchy)Pamela is the head of governors, a job that she takes incredibly seriously. She’s also the moderator for the local swaps and sales Facebook group, a founding member of the neighbourhood watch, and a mummy blogger. She can be found complaining about the ‘disgusting service’ that she received at her local Starbucks. 

ELLIE (7-8, Kind, Loveable, Quietly confident)Like her best friend Harmony, Ellie is bright, bubbly and always keen to get involved. She can get a little over-excited at times, but always means well.

SIMON (Ellie’s dad)  (30-45, Down to earth, Friendly, Devoted)Simon is the new parent at the school gates. A devoted stay-at-home dad who adores his daughter and loves playing an important role in her life. Polite and friendly, Simon tries to ignore the school-gate drama.

BILLY  (7-8, Sweet, Shy, Anxious) The shy and quiet type, Billy spends most of his time trying to avoid the spotlight. Anything out of the ordinary has a tendency to send him into a meltdown. Known as being a very sweet and kind boy.

GILLIAN (Billy’s mum)  (35-45, Easily-led, Eager to please, Two-faced)Gillian is Pamela’s right-hand woman and fellow governor. She spends half of her time aiding Pamela and the other half judging and sneering at the other parents at the school gates. Without Pamela, she would be lost.

DAMIEN (7-8, Controlling, Aggressive, Intimidating)Aptly-named, Damien is every teacher’s worst nightmare. A classic playground bully, but does have a secret soft side- especially when it comes to his mum.

MICHELLE (Damien’s mum)  (25-30, Anxious, Hard-working, Determined)Michelle is a single mum who works hard to give her son the best start in life. While she strives to be there for him, long working hours mean that she often misses out on important moments. This leads to her feeling incredibly guilty and unsure of herself, a feeling that isn’t helped by some of the other parents at the school.