Louth Playgoers and Hambledon Productions team up to present "HIM"

Louth Playgoers and Hambledon Productions team up to present "HIM"

Louth Playgoers and Hambledon Productions have teamed up to present “HIM”, a sci-fi, rom-com by new Lincolnshire playwright Gemma Owen-Kendall.

“HIM” was the winner at Scratch Night 2017 and has been through a rigorous development process which will make its stage debut in June this year at Louth’s Riverhead Theatre.

This community project, directed by John Hewer, tells an incredible boy-meets-girl story of Daniel, a would-be scientist who’s temping as a University professor to spread the word that there is intelligent life in outer space. He’s hopelessly devoted to his old school friend Kim, who is climbing the career ladder working at the Ministry of Defence.

She’s not really looking for love. He doesn’t really want to confess that he’s an alien.

This comedy drama will be performed in the studio space from 7th-9th June. Tickets are now available, just £7, on 01507 600350 or online at www.louthriverheadtheatre.com.

AUDITION NOTE: Open auditions will be Monday 26th March at the Riverhead Theatre. Auditions pieces are below. If you require any further information, please email john@hambledonproductions.com.

KIM EVANS  – (mid 20s-mid 30s) P.A. at Ministry of Defence. Sharp-witted, likeable, professional. Emotionally-detached.

DANIEL – (mid 20s-mid 30s) Jobbing professor. Touch of the “Hugh Grant”. Makes bad decisions. Impulsive. Neurotic.

JOHN – (mid 20s-mid 30s) A likely lad. Caring, bold and cheeky. Strong morals, loose canon. Security guard at MoD.

SIOBHAN – (early 20s-mid 30s) Under-graduate. Passionate about her beliefs. Determined. Bit kinky.

ANDREW HAWKER – (mid 30s-50s) Kim’s boss. Bit creepy, speaks his mind. Oozes confidence.

JESSICA – (mid 20s-mid 30s)   Kim’s long-standing, best friend. Giggles for no reason. Obsessed with hot chocolate.

Other roles: 2 x secret agents (any gender, any age)