Interview: Christopher Peters (Sound Design and Composer)

Christopher PetersAs part of a new "Interview with..." series focussing on our current ongoing projects, we first caught up in the rehearsal room with our frequent sound designer and composer, Christopher Peters. Here's what he has to say about being a crucial part of the Hambledon team and what the audience can expect from 'Dracula: One Bloody Fang After Another'...


Q1. What's it like working with Hambledon Productions?

Having worked with HP for the past six years, it's always like coming home. I very much enjoy working on new writing and classic comedy and Hambledon provide a rare place for that.

Q2. How is music and sound used in 'Dracula: One Bloody Fang After Another'?

Music and Sound are utilised as pretty much the rest of the company in this one-man-show. There's always something there to give the feeling and idea of the different locations and moods. It's a constant soundtrack to accompany the storytelling. It provides a spooky backdrop.

Q3. What was the hardest aspect for you on this production?

Creating detailed, differing soundscapes. There are alot of them! Sound cues overlap and getting the length of the cue right, so that it works with the scene and the comedy, takes some adjusting.

Q4. What are you most excited about within the show?

I can't wait to see the show in full production. I was in the rehearsal room a lot during the production, which isn't always a given. It's looking and sounding great, but with the lighting that has been designed and costume that John has planned, everything will come to life.

Q5. Describe the show in three words....

Hilarious. Creepy. Oustanding.

Q6. What's next for you?

Another Halloween project - 'We Need To Talk About Norman - A Psycho Musical'. A parody of the movie Psycho of which I am Musical Director and Arranging all the music.