Hambledon Productions Proudly Present
Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s


Adapted by John Hewer

Albert and Harold; father and son. One proclaims he’s “a poor old man” while the other protests that actually he’s “a dirty old man!” In actual fact, both are telling the truth. These two warring rag-and-bone-men, in their Shepherd’s Bush scrapyard home, became household favourites for entire generations throughout the 60s and 70s and still they continue to entertain audiences today.

Now it’s time to relive some of their finest misadventures through this brand new production. Marking fifty-five years since the show’s first ever broadcast, Hambledon Productions (Hancock’s Half Hour – The Lost Episodes, Educating Rita, Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show) breathe life back into the Steptoe household with this faithful, fresh and hilarious adaptation of original episodes from the long-running smash hit BBC sitcom.

Features the classic episodes: Divided We Stand, Men of Letters and Come Dancing and excerpts from The Bath and Steptoe and Son – and Son!




Saturday 18th March – Broadbent Theatre, WICKENBY
Wednesday 22nd March – Riverhead Theatre, LOUTH
Thursday 23rd March – Riverhead Theatre, LOUTH
Friday 24th March – Town Hall, KIRTON IN LINDSEY
Saturday 25th March – Riverhead Theatre, LOUTH

Thursday 6th April – Red Lion Theatre, HORNCASTLE
Friday 7th April – Town Hall, CAISTOR
Tuesday 18th April – Phoenix Theatre, BAWTRY
Wednesday 19th April – Phoenix Theatre, BAWTRY
Thursday 27th April – Theatre, SPILSBY

Tuesday 2nd May – Caxton Theatre, GRIMSBY
Wednesday 3rd May – Caxton Theatre, GRIMSBY
Saturday 6th May – Playhouse, SLEAFORD
Tuesday 16th May – Village Hall, WILLOUGHBY
Friday 19th May – Shire Hall, HOWDEN
Wednesday 31st May – Old Nick Theatre, GAINSBOROUGH

Thursday 1st June – Lamproom, BARNSLEY
Friday 2nd June – Acorn Theatre, WORKSOP
Saturday 3rd June – Spotlight Theatre, BRIDLINGTON

Please note that all performances will commence at 7:30pm


Lincolnshire-based professional theatre company. Founded by Rachael and John Hewer.